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Imperfect Pothead enamel Pin

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Pothead enamel pin 💚 2” in size.

here’s an idea of what to expect out of the different grades:

B grade : very small, hardly noticeable imperfections, like a small area not filled/ dust in the enamel. only a couple errors that may be unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

C grade: small areas where the outline isn’t as clear, dust in enamel, more errors than B grade, might have a few pinholes, some areas might have spots of enamel that have spilled over into places they shouldn’t be.

D grade: all around mistakes. more dust in enamel, colors of enamel in spots it shouldn’t be, pinholes in enamel, missing areas of enamel. quality of these isn’t great honestly.

*please note that not all pins have the above imperfections- this list is just to get an idea. please see photos labeled B-D for examples.

tracking included 🤗

made by Sick, Sad Girl @camillesmooch