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Ace of Cups Woven Blanket

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100% woven cotton blanket with tasseled edges. 60” x 80” - Queen size. The back has a reverse image of the design. printed in the US. Cuddle up by a fire, hang it up on the wall, or run around wearing it as a cape! Easy to clean! Blanket Care Tips • Each blanket is custom printed. On rare occasions, the printing process leaves a slight smell on blankets. It’s easy to fix: just machine wash your blanket in the gentle cycle with cold water. • We suggest hang drying your woven blanket to keep the fringe looking its best. • If you ever need to use a stain remover, make sure it’s safe for use on cotton fabrics. Test stain removers on an inconspicuous area of your blanket first to make absolutely sure it doesn’t discolor your blanket. • Finally, do not bleach, dry clean, or iron your blanket. Made by Sick, Sad Girl Camille Smooch. From Naughty by Nature Tarot. Feel free to ask about custom blankets !